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Illegibilus: Earle Lockwood by rurippon Illegibilus: Earle Lockwood by rurippon
//f-finally HP RP group //u\\

• Name: Earle Oliver Lockwood
• Age: 15
• Gender: Male
• Height: 168cm
• Weight: 55kgs
• Birthday: Aug 9th
• Nationality: British
House: Gryffindor
Year: 4th

• Personality:
Kind | Energetic | Optimistic | Straight-forward | Loyal | Possesive | Headstrong 

Earle loves to help people in need, not everyone--but the one he saw really need help. He loves to moves. He always feel curious about Hogwarts and loves to walk around the castle to find something interesting. He is Optimistic to! He rarely give up on something. He always can do everything. It's not like, he can do it or not. But, he want to do it, or not-- and he's pretty straight-forward boy. He will directly say no if he didn't like something. He is romantic if he told his beloved one about his feeling, but don't ask him to say sweet stuff. He can't do it. Earle also bit possesive. He sulks like 24/7 when he found out his brother going out somewhere without telling him first when Earle was at home. and he's headstrong. He hates when someone reject his ideas....

• Background: 
Earle, born in mix muggle and witch family. His mother was a pureblood witch, name Olivia Frost and his father is ordinary muggle working as bussinessman, name Rowle Lockwood. They lived in London after they married. Olivia was an employee of Ministry of Magic. Olivia passed away when Earle was 8 because of car accident after taking vacation to Heathersfield. After that, Rowle take care of his 3 sons by himself. Rowle has 3 sons. First is Ernest Lockwood, a wizard (now 20), working in Department International Magical Cooperation in Ministry of Magic. But he pretended to live with his maternal family in Puddlemere right after his mother dead. Because he didn't want to be a burden for his single father. But sometimes, Ernest came back to home if all of the rest family were at home. Now Ernest is thinking back to London and buy his own house there. 

The second son is Elliot Lockwood, a muggle (now 15). He is Earle's twin. Not identic, but fraternal twins. Elliot has dark-chestnut hair and gray eyes, like Rowle. While Earle, Ernest and Olivia have ginger hair and blue eyes. Elliot is the only one Earle had after losing his mother, since Rowle was busy with his work and Ernest went to Hogwarts. When Earle got his Hogwarts invitation when they were 11, Elliot was dissapointed. really dissapointed, since he's the only child who didn't get the invitation because he just an ordinary muggle. He won't talk to Earle around a week, he was sulking in summer holiday. Early felt guilty and won't go to Hogwarts if he Elliot didn't go to. But then, Ernest came back and gave his brothers explanation. Elliot gave up, and tell Earle to go to Hogwarts and promise to him to send owl-mail everyday. Earle was nodding happily and went to Hogwarts with Ernest. 

But now seems like Elliot are fully-accepted the fact about he's a muggle. He went to highschool in London and always wait for Earle came back for holiday. Elliot asked Earle to bring him to hogsmeade someda, since Earle always bring alot of candies and chocolate after going to Hogsmeade...

Back to Earle--

His family already accepted the truth of Olivia Frost. They live so well until Olivia gone. Rowel is a very-kind father, but after losing his beloved wife, he's bit quite, but still warm as usual. Earle and Elliot loves to see his mother magic when Olivia still alive. Earle always managed to make small magic, while Elliot couldn't do anything. Earle loves to read quidditch article and collect daily prophet moving picture. He has a dream to be a beater. but now with his small body--he's bit worried he couldn't make it. After getting accepted in hogwarts, he's getting excited. Olivia had told him story about how sorting-hat choose people. His mother was a Ravenclaw before, and he's full of excitement yet bit confuse about why he can get in to Gryffindor. He loves Hogwarts so much. His imagination became real and he loves to spend his time to reading hogwarts secrets and stuffs. At school. he's quite yet talkactive student if it comes to transfiguration or charms. He loves it! But he hates herbology and mythical beast subject...... as a growing boy, he still search what he wanted to be and do, when he become adult soon........

• Family: 
Rowle Harvent Lockwood (father)

Olivia Hepsburn Frost (ex-mother)

Ernest Eugenee Lockwood (elder-bro)

Elliot August Lockwood (fraternal twin bro)

• Likes & Dislikes:
+ Spring & Autumn ( he hates extreme weather)
+ books
+ library
+ hogwarts
+ ice-cream
+ hogwarts foods
+ Hogsmeade
- sun and snowstrom
- herbology
- any creatures with mucus
- noisy gang of girls
-  small slippery animal
- weird potion ingredients

• Elective Classes:
(At the end of their second year at Hogwarts, students are required to choose a minimum of two additional subjects from the following list)
Study of Ancient Runes

• Extra Curricular: 
Muggle Art
Hogwarts orchestra

• Spells: 
Flagrate | Reducto | Accio | Stupefy

• Wand Ingredients - 
Core: Unicorn core
Length: 13 3/4"
Wood: Apple wood
Flexibility: Quite Flexible

• Achievements 


- An UKE //slapped
- an extrovert, he will be so noisy after being close with someone
- he's easily getting lost---
- he's scared with thunder
- innocent----
- he really want to drink butterbeer, but he couldn't stand something alcoholic----

Feel free to rp with Earle ////
I used to rp by line o u o
please ask me if you want //////

skype: earleoliver /////
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